17 Nov 2020

PROMOTION: Simple, Accurate & Cost Effective Wine Analysis

Why 2021 is the year to take winery  analysis in-house. Save time, money & gain control:

The Megaquant wave from Megazyme makes this move simple & cost effective, without sacrificing accuracy.

Deltagen, in collaboration with Megazyme are offering 3 free Assay kits with the purchase of the Megaquant Wave, a simple, cost effective and accurate way to take wine analysis in-house.

Cost saving

Running a test in-house is considerably less expensive than sending to an external laboratory.

Rapid results

Megazyme wine test kits produce a reaction in as little as 3 minutes, allowing you to respond to the results in real time – unlike the 2-3 day turnaround for results from an external laboratory.


With your own testing facility, you can test as frequently as needed, not just at crucial stages of production. This allows you to check samples within the same vintage as well as between batches.


The wine laboratory is as important to the success of a winery as any other element… In my laboratory I have run acetic acid, L-malic acid, glucose, fructose, SO2 free and total tests on [the MegaQuant Wave]. Every one of the test results came well within the standards expected for any wine analysis. The precision of the test was excellent.

Richard Carey PhD, writing in wines and vines


The MegaQuant  Wave is the most versatile and cost-effective analyser for small wineries, while Megazyme test kits provide unparalleled quality, reliability, stability, and value for money

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