K-RAFGA | Raffinose/D-Galactose Assay Kit (120 Assays)

Product code: K-RAFGA

The Raffinose/D-Galactose test kit is specific and a rapid measurement and analysis of raffinose and D-galactose in plant materials and food products.


UV-method for the determination of Raffinose (also stachyose and verbascose) and D Galactose in legume seeds, plant materials, foodstuffs and feed

(1) Raffinose + stachyose + verbascose + H2O → D-galactose + sucrose

(galactose mutarotase)
(2) α-D-Galactose ↔ β-D-galactose

(β-galactose dehydrogenase)
(3) β-D-Galactose + NAD+ → D-galactonic acid + NADH + H+


Kit size:    * 120 assays


The number of manual tests per kit can be doubled if all volumes are halved.
This can be readily accommodated using the MegaQuantTM Wave

Spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE).


Method:                               Spectrophotometric at 340 nm
Reaction time:                  ~ 60 min
Detection limit:                 21 mg/L


Application examples:
Cereal flours, soybean flour, by-products of sucrose manufacture and other materials


Method recognition:
Used and accepted in food analysis


Data Sheet:




  • Very rapid reaction due to inclusion of galactose mutarotase (patented technology)
  • Very competitive price (cost per test)
  • All reagents stable for > 2 years after preparation
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool for hassle-free raw data processing  K-RAFGA_CALC
  • Standard included