K-LMALMQ | L-Malic Acid Assay Kit (MegaQuant™ Format)

Product code: K-LMALMQ

The L-Malic Acid test kit is suitable for the measurement and analysis of L-malic acid in grapes, grape juice and wine using the MegaQuant™ colorimeter (measurement at 505 nm). Suitable for white and red wines at all stages of the winemaking process.


Simple colourimetric method for the determination of L-Malic
Acid in foodstuffs, beverages and other materials

(L-malate dehydrogenase)
(1) L-Malic acid + NAD+ ↔ oxaloacetate + NADH + H+

(glutamate-oxaloacetate transaminase)
(2) Oxaloacetate + L-glutamate → L-aspartate + 2-oxoglutarate

(3) INT + NADH + H+ → NAD+ + INT-formazan

Kit size:                             60 assays
Method:                            Spectrophotometric at 505 nm
Reaction time:                  ~ 6 min
Detection limit:                 15.4 mg/L
Application examples:
Wine, beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, candies, fruit and vegetables,
bread, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other materials (e.g. biological
cultures, samples, etc.)
Method recognition:        Novel method