K-CITR | Citric Acid (72 Assays)

Product code: K-CITR

The Citric Acid test kit is a flexible and simple method for the rapid and reliable measurement and analysis of citric acid (citrate) in foods, beverages and other materials.

Extended cofactors stability. Dissolved cofactors stable for > 1 year at 4oC.


UV-method for the determination of Citric Acid in foods, beverages and other materials

(citrate lyase)
(1) Citrate → oxaloacetate + acetate

(L-malate dehydrogenase)
(2) Oxaloacetate + NADH + H+ → L-malate + NAD+

(D-lactate dehydrogenase)
(3) Pyruvate + NADH + H+ → D-lactate + NAD+

Kit size:                              * 72 assays (manual) / 720 (microplate) / 840 (auto-analyser)

The number of manual tests per kit can be doubled if all volumes are halved.
This can be readily accommodated using the MegaQuantTM Wave Spectrophotometer


Method:                             Spectrophotometric at 340 nm
Reaction time:                   ~ 5 min
Detection limit:                  0.491 mg/L
Application examples:
Grape juice, wine, beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, tea, dairy products
(e.g. cheese), meat, processed meat, vegetable and fruit products,
bakery products, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other
materials (e.g. biological cultures, samples, etc.)
Method recognition:
Methods based on this principle have been accepted by MEBAK, OIV,
EU, ISO2963, AOAC and IFU22
(Note: If the enzyme oxaloacetate decarboxylase is present in the sample, some
of the oxaloacetate product is converted to pyruvate. Therefore, to ensure citric
acid is measured quantitatively, D-lactate dehydrogenase (D-LDH) is employed
to efficiently convert any pyruvate produced into D-lactate and NAD+).

Data Sheet: