Butterscotch Flavour Colour 1 Litre

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D60004 Butterscotch Flavour Colour 1 Litre

Lead time: 7 business day, product is manufactured upon receipt of order


Deltagen’s water-based butterscotch flavour colour can be used in various applications, including bakery, batters, dough, icings, fondants, biscuits, ice creams, syrups. Please note that it is not applicable to chocolate (oil based flavours are required for chocolate application).


When the colour is right, the flavour is right. The recommended dosage is generally 1-3%.


Allergen free, GMO free, Halal suitable and Kosher suitable.

Shelf life: 12 months, store in a cool, dark and dry location


If you are looking for volume more than 1 Litre/ wholesale/ bulk orders, please email us at info@deltagen.com.au for more information.


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PRODUCT SPECIFICATION- D60004 Butterscotch Flavour Colour Premix


Deltagen also supplies natural & synthetic flavours (in both liquid and powder forms) for a wide range of applications, contact us for more information.