O-LAM5RD | 1,3-β-D-Laminaripentaitol 10mg

Product code: O-LAM5RD


Synonyms: 1,3-β-D Glucotriitol, Laminaripentaose alditol
CAS: 309913-13-1
Molecular Formula: C30H54O26
Molecular Weight: 830.7
Purity: > 95%

High purity 1,3-β-D-Laminaripentaitol (borohydride reduced laminaripentaose) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

Borohydride reduced oligosaccharides are particularly useful as substrates in reducing sugar assays (e.g. Nelson Somogyi) as they do not give rise to the large background / blank value observed for the analogous non-reduced native oligosaccharides.

Pentasaccharide from hydrolysis of curdlan and borohydride reduced.

Store below -10°C.