K-MBGL | β-Glucanase Assay Kit (Malt and Microbial)

Product code: K-MBGL

β-Glucanase (Malt and Microbial) Assay Kit is suitable for the measurement and analysis of malt and bacterial β-glucanase and endo-1,4-β-glucanase.


Colourimetric method for the determination of β-Glucanase in malt, foodstuffs and fermentation products




(1) Azo-Barley β-glucan (polymer) → Azo-barley β-glucan (fragments)

(2) Add alcohol; centrifuge to remove polymeric Azo-barley β-glucan

(3) Measure the absorbance of the supernatant solution



Kit size:                            100 assays
Method:                           Spectrophotometric at 590 nm
Reaction time:              ~ 35 min
Detection limit:             100 U/kg of malt


Application examples:
Malt extracts, wort, beer and other materials


Method recognition:
RACI (Standard Method)


Data Sheet: