K-PECID | Pectin Identification Assay Kit

Product code: K-PECID

The Pectin Identification Assay Kit is suitable for the identification of pectin in food ingredients. This kit now employs a new pectate lyase from Aspergillus niger.


UV-method for the identification of Pectin in foodstuffs, feed
and fruit juice

(pH 12.5)
(1) Pectin + H2O → pectate + methanol

(pectate lyase)
(2) Pectate → 4,5-unsaturated oligogalacturonates

Kit size:                            500 assays
Method:                           Spectrophotometric at 235 nm
Reaction time:                 ~ 30 min
Detection limit:                N/A
Application examples:
Food ingredients (e.g. citrus fruit and apple) and other materials
Method recognition: