K-AGLUA | α-Glucuronidase Assay Kit

Product code: K-AGLUA

The α-D-Glucuronidase test kit is a simple, reliable and accurate method for the measurement and analysis of α-D-glucuronidase in various enzyme preparations. The kit contains a pure aldotriouronic acid substrate and an α-D-glucuronidase (GH67) control enzyme.

Suitable for manual and microplate formats.

New, improved substrate.

This kit contains highly purified, borohydride reduced aldotriouronic acid with a terminal α-D-glucuronic acid substitution, which is an excellent substrate for α-D-glucuronidases from GH67. This substrate can be also used for the measurement of α-D-glucuronidases from GH115, however the rate of hydrolysis compared to GH67 is reduced. Previously this kit contained a mixture of borohydride reduced aldouronic acids (tri:tetra:penta).


UV-method for the measurement of α-D-Glucuronidase in
various enzyme preparations

(1) Aldouronic acid (NaBH4 reduced) + H2O →
β-(1,4)-D-xylo-oligosaccharides + D-glucuronic acid

(uronate dehydrogenase; UDH)
(2) D-Glucuronic acid + NAD+ + H2O → D-glucarate + NADH + H+

Kit size:                             50 assays (manual) / 200 (microplate)
Method:                            Spectrophotometric at 340 nm
Reaction time:                  ~ 25 min
Detection limit:                 17 mU/mL
Application examples:
Enzyme preparations and other materials
Method recognition:     Novel method