K-AMYLSD | α-Amylase SD Assay Kit (High Sensitivity Method)

Product code: K-AMYLSD

The Amylase SD Method is a highly sensitive colourimetric method for the determination of α-amylase in sprout damaged wheat grain (also known as pre-harvest sprouting or weather damaged wheat grain) and “late maturity α-amylase” wheat grain. Can also be used for measuring α-amylase in confectionery, soft drinks, brewing and fermentation, jams, sauces, conserves, ice cream and baby food.


Highly sensitive colourimetric method for the determination of
α-Amylase in sprout damaged grain and food products

(1) Ethylidene-G7-α-PNP + H2O → Ethylidene-GX + G(7-X)-α-PNP

(thermostable α-glucosidase)
(2) G(7-X)-α-PNP + H2O → D-glucose + PNP

(alkaline solution)
(3) PNP → phenolate ion (yellow colour)
Note: PNP = 4-nitrophenol

Kit size:                           160 / 320 assays (manual) / 640 (auto-analyser)
Method:                           Spectrophotometric at 400 / 405 nm
Total assay time:             ~ 5 min
Detection limit:                0.05 U/mL
Application examples: Sprout damaged wheat grain and food products
such as jam sauces conserves and ice cream
Method recognition:     AOAC (Method 2002.01) AACC (Method 22-02.01)
and ICC (Standard No. 303)