#AOAC2021 Megazyme Research Posters

October 13, 2021


Late Maturity Amylase versus Pre-Harvest Sprouting- differentiation through enzyme activity testing

The paper describes an investigation into identifying an alternative enzyme activity marker, to replace alpha-amylase, in order to differentiate between Pre-harvest sprouting resistance PHS and Late maturity alpha amylase LMA affected wheat. The paper details the use of Megazyme enzyme substrates to screen samples for a wide range of enzyme activities and then a correlation of these two datasets.

The full poster can be downloaded below:



Interlaboratory study of an enzymatic method (K-LOLAC) for the measurement of lactose in low-lactose and lactose-free products; Final Action method 2020.08

The K-LOLAC Megazyme kit is their latest solution for the dairy industry, developed for manufacturers testing low-lactose and lactose-free food and beverage applications..

It is the only enzymatic method for the measurement of lactose in low-lactose and lactose-free products currently validated by a multi-laboratory evaluation.

A Brennan 2021

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