09 Jun 2020

Megazyme | AOAC approval for Rapid Integrated Total Dietary Fibre – 2017.16

Megazyme has now received AOAC approval (2017.16) for the Rapid Integrated Total Dietary Fibre method (Product code – K-RINTDF). This kit has been available through Megazyme since 2016, prior to this announcement from the global analytical chemistry standard body.

From Megazyme:AOAC Method 2017.16 method is updated to be more consistent with in vivo conditions in the human small intestine, i.e. a 4 h incubation time. Under these conditions, a more accurate measurement of resistant starch (notably RS2 and RS4) is obtained. These newconditions also ensure that resistant maltodextrin artifacts that were produced from non-resistant starch under the incubation conditions of previous DF methods (AOAC Methods 2009.01 and 2011.25) are no longer formed.”

We are awaiting final approval from FSANZ for the method, which we anticipate soon. Deltagen hold stock locally. and purchases can be made through our online store (registration is required)

Advantages of the new kit:

Dietary Fiber values for most samples are very similar to those obtained with AOAC Method 2009.01/2011.25 however: 

  • New, more physiologically relevant incubation conditions provide more accurate DF values for resistant starch (RS2 and RS4) and isomaltooligosaccharides
  • – No resistant maltodextrin DF artefacts formed (cf. AOAC 2009.01/2011.25)
  • – Improved deionisation procedure prior to SDFS analysis
  • – TSKGel HPLC column outperforms traditional Sugarpak for DP resolution
  • – No sodium azide required
  • – All reagents (except a-amylase/AMG solution) stable for > 2 years after preparation
  • – The method is consistent with the CODEX Alimentarius definition of dietary fiber 
  • – Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from the Megazyme or Deltagen website for hassle-free raw data processing 
  • – Will have competitive pricing in Australia (cost per test basis)
  • – Full support offered from Melbourne
  • Order locally online

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