01 Apr 2021

Ethanol Determination in Low Alcohol Beverages – Megazyme Paper

Ethanol Determination | K-ETOH & K-ETOHLQR

In the spirit of healthy living and  particularly as young drinkers turn away from high-alcohol beer, spirits and wine, there has been an explosion in low alcohol or alcohol-free alternatives to fill the gap.  These products will all need to be assessed for compliance to the local food standard on permitted ethanol concentration.

Our supplier, Megazyme understands the labelling needs of manufacturers and provides two assay kits for the accurate measurements of ethanol, even at low levels such as those in ‘low-alcohol’ and ‘alcohol-free’ beers. These megazyme kits are currently used in the brewing industry and for other ‘low-alcohol’ beverages such as Kombucha.

K-ETOH used with AOAC Method 2019.08
K-ETOHLQR used with AOAC Method 2017.07

A peer-reviewed publication” Determination of Ethanol Concentration in Kombucha Beverages: Single-Laboratory Validation of an Enzymatic Method, First Action Method 2019.08” can be found here.

Not sure which kit to choose?
The table below highlights the differences between both products to determine the correct choice for your application. You can also register on this site for kit details or reach out to us at info@deltagen.com.au


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