15 May 2020

BETA-GLUCAN TEST AND MUSHROOM SUPPLEMENTS Podcast with Dr. Barry McCleary of Megazyme

Mushroom Revival, a US-based Organic medicinal mushroom company based in Massachusetts, are the biggest producer of Cordyceps militaris mushrooms in the western world and the only certified organic producer in the US. In an interesting podcast, which can be accessed here,

Dr. Barry McCleary of Megazyme outlines analysis of mushroom source- beta-glucan, an increasing segment of the supplement industry. Dr. McCleary gives an extensive review on the structure of polysaccharides & beta-glucans and how to detect them in the lab. They also discuss recent publications on the topic and their implications.

Deltagen holds stock of all related products, including product code: K-YBGL / β-Glucan (Yeast & Mushroom) Assay Kit for the measurement and analysis of 1,3:1,6-β-glucan and α-glucan in yeast and mushroom  preparations.

This, and all Megazyme kits are available to purchase from our online store (simple registration required). Payment for products can be made after online registration or by contacting Deltagen directly – info@deltagen.com.au . Many stock items are held locally in Melbourne and full support is provided on all products.

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