Article on Aquamin from Toronto Sun

October 24, 2019

Below is a selection of text from an Article in the Toronto Sun of September 7 2019. The article highlights the case for this plant-based multi mineral complex.

The Author: Dr. W. Gifford-Jones writes that:

“Leonardo Da Vinci, (often called the “Universal Genius”), remarked over 500 years ago that, “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.” It’s a phrase often repeated when teaching young surgeons. Now, there’s a “perfect calcium” – an Icelandic natural remedy that helps to keep bones strong.

With an ageing population and increasing incidents of osteoporosis he examines the various calcium supplements available:

The point is, not all calcium products are the same. Most use calcium mined from limestone, a sedimentary rock. After processing this material it contains only one mineral: calcium.

But one particular product, Aquamin, is a whole food source of calcium that’s not mined from limestone. Rather, it’s obtained from a red-algae plant, Lithothamnion calcareum, that grows off the clean, cold waters of Iceland.

This natural remedy contains 73 minerals including calcium and magnesium that are essential to bone health. Studies show that Aquamin decreases the activity of osteocytes that absorb bone, and increases activity of osteoblasts that build up bone.

Quoting Professor Heike Bischoff-Ferrari at the University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, a world authority on calcium: “…. bone is not just calcium and does not function in isolation.”

Researchers in recent calcium studies stress that it’s advisable to get calcium from food sources since they’re better absorbed. Moreover, natural sources such as food and plant-based Aquamin are also more slowly absorbed, so there is no sudden harmful spike in blood calcium.

Aquamin is produced by Marigot ltd. and there are grades available for a wide variety of applications.

Deltagen Australia supply both food and complementary medicine suitable grades of the product into the growing market for natural, plant-based solutions.

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