Deltagen Australia has a strong history of supply to the Australian Wine Industry offering a variety of specific enzyme blends and other processing aids.

Biocellulase W

Excellent macerating enzyme, which aids in the breakdown of fruit cell walls to increase yield and enhance flavour.

Biopectinase 200AL

Improves clarification in wine processing, producing a cleaner product with improved storage stability. This product has combined cellulase and pectinase activities derived from Aspergillus niger which can be used on chilled must.


Enhances the extraction of colour from red grape skins during fermentation.


A fining agent, which clarifies worts and improves wort sedimentation. This leads to a cleaner Excellent enzyme system for juice settling and juice depectinasation of delicate grape varieties.



Powdered Isinglass finings (isinglass)that assist in the removal of unwanted haze forming proteins and selected polyphenols.

Grape Skin Extract


Water soluble grape skin powder extract.