• TGA Grade Material
  • Extensive analysis and testing
  • Registered species Lithothamnion
    Topiphorme *
  • Batch selection


Aquamin Forte is available at your pharmacy in a growing number of Applications Download the document below to find out the science behind Aquamin Forte. If you have a question about the product or wish to use Aquamin Forte in your application please contact Andrew Brennan – Andrew@deltagen.flywheelsites.com

Consumers are moving away from cheap, low –value minerals and are demanding safe and effective whole food, plant solutions such as Aquamin Forte.

Aquamin Forte is the Australian TGA Aquamin grade. The material is used globally to help with issues affecting bone, joint and digestive health. The product is backed by substantial research, outlined below.
In addressing osteoporosis isolated calcium is not the best option; multi-mineral whole food supplements combined with other ingredients seem to be more in demand. Aquamin Forte also provides powerful anti-inflammatory capacity and provides relief from the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. Peer reviewed trials have demonstrated its superiority over glucosamine sulphate.[/blockquote]

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