1,3:1,4- Glucotetraose (C) 30 mg

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Synonyms: Cellobiosyl-(13)-β-D-Cellobiose + Glucosyl-(1➝3)-β-D-Cellotriose, 1,3:1,4-β-D-Glucotetraose C + 1,3:1,4-β-D-Glucotetraose A
CAS: 103762-93-2
Molecular Formula: C24H42O21
Molecular Weight: 666.6
Purity: > 95%

High purity 32-β-D-Cellobiosyl-cellobiose + 33-β-D-Glucosyl-cellotriose mixture for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

These tetrasaccharides are produced on hydrolysis of 1:3,1:4-β-D-glucan by cellulase.