Natural & Artificial Flavours


Flavours are a key component in the production of successful food and beverage applications. in choosing the right flavour for your product the first important decision is between natural and artificial flavours, but do you know what actually distinguishes them?

How Artificial Flavours differ from Natural Flavour?

The biggest difference between natural and artificial flavours is due to the production methods used. By definition, natural flavours must be derived from a natural product, typically from animal or more commonly plant material, while on the other hand, artificial flavours are synthesised completely in the laboratory.

It is important to note that in Australia there is no longer a nature identical category – only natural and synthetic.

Let’s look at a practical example that highlights the differences. Artificial pear flavour can be made from the combination of 1-propanol and acetic acid with the use of sulphuric acid as a catalyst without the presence of pear in the laboratory. This reaction would result in n-Propyl acetate which is the dominant flavour chemical in pear that gives the distinct smell of pear. In contrast, natural pear flavour is made by extracting this chemical (n-Propyl acetate) directly from pear.

Natural and artificial flavours can have exactly the same chemical properties, the same taste and odour and effects on health regardless of the difference in their production methods.

Why is Natural Flavour more expensive than that of Artificial Flavour?

The extraction of flavouring substances from natural products is more costly. Besides, there are other factors which could potentially influence the supply of natural ingredients, such as crop yields, weather and demand.Conversely, petrochemicals are primarily used in the production of artificial flavours, making artificial flavours more ready available and thus, less costly.

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