Aquamin F | Whey Protein – Thailand

Aquamin F, Whey Protein in Thailand. 

Australian companies are leveraged very heavily into the Chinese market, often ignoring the potential that exists in adjacent markets in ASEAN. There are other fast growing economies on Australia’s doorstep with rising incomes and interests in functional foods from the West.

There is a growing number of products featuring Aquamin in emerging markets such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, where the product is gaining name recognition in supplement and food and beverage applications.

My Whey 2


One New product featuring Aquamin F in Thailand is “My Whey”,  from Thai food manufacturer Taokenoi. The product contains Aquamin F to give marine plant calcium at 400mg per serving, 50% of Thai RDI. The retail cost per serving is 99 Thai Baht or approx.AUD $3.85.



Matcha Green Tea

whey protein from Taokaenoi2

Rich Chocolate

whey protein from Taokaenoi3

Thai celebrity talk show host Woody Milintachinda (below right) is the face of the product and has heavily featured it on his popular social media videos:

My Whey

Deltagen is exclusive distributor for Aquamin in Australia and offer a wide variety of grades for food, beverage and supplement applications. 

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