07 Jan 2018

Hot Ice Cream Flavours for 2018

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07 Jan 2018

Hot Ice Cream Flavours for 2018

Summer is finally here and it’s time for ice cream to help cool down from the recent record  temperatures.

What flavour do you crave when it comes to ice cream? The old standards of vanilla and chocolate are still the leading choices. A number of chocolate flavours are gaining in popularity with Belgian chocolate,white and double chocolate.

Ice cream manufacturers have started to incorporate bakery flavours such as oreo and shortbread to create new experiences for ice cream lovers. Nut flavours, particularly walnut, pistachio and pecan have seen increased global sales. Coffee, marshmallow, salted caramel, matcha tea, and greek yogurt flavours are also gathering interest from the ice cream industry.

Deltagen can help manufacturers big and small to source new flavour experiences for any ice cream application.

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